The sweetest reward.

We play this game several times a day where we giggle and point at each other aggressively and shout “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!”

I don’t know how it got started but I do know that I will never let it die off. Because on days like today, when they’re gone all day at a visit, I count the minutes until I can shout my love at them. It’s the last thing they hear from me as their transport drives off, and when they come home asleep I whisper shout my love at them as I lay them down to bed.

Friends. I know stepping out in faith is hard. I know it’s scary and you might fail. I know you’re worried about not having the right answers and if you’re really hearing Gods voice. Do it anyway. My heart is so often crushed when brothers and sisters in Christ hear my story and make a comment about wishing they were brave enough to follow their calling like me.

Please hear me. You do not have to be brave. You just have to take a step in the direction of your calling.

Has God whispered to you to adopt? Call an agency. Do you feel a push toward seminary? Google them. Does the spirit keep leading your prayer time toward mentoring teens? Tell your pastor. The first step is the biggest step, so do it in a small way. Step out in faith and make a choice to say yes to your calling.

Your calling may be different than mine. But by saying yes to my calling, I get to have three screaming faces point at me and tell me that they love me so much. My reward could not be sweeter.


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