A letter to my baby in the middle of the night…

Sweet Baby,

Tonight my Fitbit recorded 4,218 steps. All of these steps were taken in the 8ft it takes to cross your nursery floor. However, it did not record the amount of times I rocked you back and forth, or how my voice started to go hoarse from my shushing, or how your hand wrapped up a clump of my hair and perfectly comforted you.

There is no record of my prayers to Jesus to bring peace to your little body. Or how I let tears slip from my eyes because your breathing was the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard. It’s not recorded how in the moments you finally fell asleep I debated putting you down or letting you snuggle in a little longer.

You see, my sweet baby, there will be a time when I no longer walk this 8 foot stretch with you at all hours of the night. There will come a time when my home is no longer your home. I am sure when that time comes there will be tears for both of us once again.

So yes, I may be sleep deprived, and you may need all of me. But you better believe that in the still of the night. When your cries have become sighs, and your tears have been dried. That we will rock and pray and snuggle a little longer.

With all of my love,


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