Holding our breath.

When I was a kid we would go to the deep end of the pool and have underwater challenges. Have you ever held your breath for a really long time? For a while it’s exciting, then it’s challenging, and then it’s just waiting for the other person to surface so you can also get relief and take big breath.

That is how this season feels. Like we’re holding our breath. Trying to hang tight while waiting for someone to surface and tell us it’s ok to take a big breath. Praying the end is near as we sit in the uncomfortable. Knowing we were called to walk into the uncomfortable and knowing we have been called to stay here.

This season, however, also feels easier. Like we’ve been here before. We know that holding our breath is temporary. The unknowns are still scary but we have a vague picture of what the end looks like. God the Father continues to be gracious is reminding us of his faithfulness. If we only focus on the breath-holding, we get weary and fearful and defeated. As we focus more and more on the faithfulness and holiness of sitting in this season, we remember that He’s walked this road with us before.

The first time we took the kids to the beach we barely knew them, everything was scary and new for them, and it was a lot of work. But this time, as I sat on my beach chair, drinking coffee and watching my people, I realized how much better it gets over time. Now, not only do they know us, they trust us to keep them safe. They know that on their own the waves overtake them, but as we hold them they are safe. There is so much joy on the beach, so much joy they would miss if they hung back because of fear.

If you’re sitting in a season of holding your breath, if you’re scared and don’t know when you’ll be able to get relief, remember Gods faithfulness. He’s gone before you. He knows and holds our future. He loves you, your children, your family more than you can fathom. And when we finally catch a sweet deep breath, we will celebrate and add that moment to the mountain of moments to look back upon and remember His always present faithfulness.

One thought on “Holding our breath.

  1. Cherith Craft says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading some of your posts! We have a new little boy that joined us a week ago. I can tell he’s not at all thrilled to be with us and mostly looks sad and confused and a little mad all the time. I know this will pass as he gets to know us better. Prayers for that time to come quickly and my patience as we wait!

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