100 ways to Bless Foster Families

It is a blessing that you are reading this. It means you are ready to help serve your local foster care community. As a foster mom, I know that without my village, we would not be able to continue. So as you become the village for foster families around you, know you are doing some truly gospel work! 

Sometimes, from the outside, Foster Care can seem so overwhelming. It can be hard to even know where to start or what would be helpful. I’ve worked hard collaborating with other foster families coming up with 100 different ways, with unique skills and abilities, you can serve foster families wherever you are.

The most important thing to remember about this list: Pick one, then follow through. Foster parents have to make hard (and normal) choices all day long. Instead of adding to their never ending list of things to think about, try instead saying “I would love to do _____ for you. Does Tuesday or Wednesday work better?” Example: “I would love to bring you a meal. Is Monday night ok? Does everyone like pasta and salad?” or “I’m planning on taking my kids to the park tomorrow, could I pick up Rose and Tony and take them too. I would love to give you a few hours to yourself!”. 

I am never more encouraged than when we are thought of! The emotional strain of parenting children from hard places often times feels never-ending. The devil seeks to isolate us and make us feel alone. When others remember to pray, bring meals, send diapers, and more it takes the edge off and gives us the energy to keep saying yes.

Everyone can do something! Maybe you have a lawn mower and a free afternoon to take that burden off a family, maybe you can cook a double batch of a meal and bring it to a family, maybe you have an abundance financially and can pay for a special outing for a family.  Find something within your talent range and extend the offer to a foster family you know. If you don’t know any foster families, feel free to reach out and I will connect you with someone in your area. I’ve linked the PDF below, feel free to share with your local church or organizations. How exciting to rally together and serve!

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 6.55.34 PM

  1. Bring a meal
  2. Drop off diapers
  3. Offer to babysit
  4. Send an encouraging note
  5. Host a virtual card drive 
  6. Send a foster mom a piece of “mom” jewelry with initials of children in her home. 
  7. Get licensed for respite 
  8. Hold a baby during church so a foster parent can worship.
  9. Bring a grocery basket full of items.
  10. Take them out to lunch.
  11. Attend court dates. 
  12. Free family/baby photo shoot. 
  13. Send flowers.
  14. Plan a play date.
  15. Take their car to get detailed.
  16. Mail them scripture notes.
  17. Pick up their dirty laundry and return it clean and folded.
  18. Secretly pay for their dinner at a restaurant.
  19. Text “I’m praying for you today”.
  20. Actually pray for them today. 
  21. Gift foster parents a night at a hotel.
  22. Host a journey bag filling night.
  23. Show up to foster children’s ballgames. 
  24. Give a gas card.
  25. Take teens to the mall to pick out a “no strings attached” gift.
  26. Clean their Home.
  27. Hire a housekeeper.
  28. Become educated about the special needs of a foster child you know. 
  29. Email a Starbucks Gift Card.
  30. Mow their yard. 
  31. Accompany them to doctors appointments.
  32. Grocery shop for them.
  33. Weed their garden. 
  34. Remember foster kids names. 
  35. Make a family photo book. 
  36. Take the kids out of the house so mama can nap.
  37. Run errands. 
  38. Bring over new/like new baby gear.
  39. Help them set up WIC.
  40. Back to school shop for them.
  41. Sponsor a family gym membership.
  42. Fold their mounding Laundry.
  43. Send a foster kid to camp.
  44. Host an encouraging note writing party, write notes for kids coming into care and the foster parents who will care for them. 
  45. Remember biological children. 
  46. Start a clothing closet in your home.
  47. Organize a Foster Parents Night Out for your community.
  48. Pray endlessly.
  49. Become a CASA volunteer.
  50. Donate to a Foster Care organization on behalf of the family.
  51. Send a parent on a spa day.
  52. Gift an Audible subscription. 
  53. Speak words of grace.
  54. Organize a Meal Train for new placement.
  55. Stock a food pantry.
  56. Give to a local diaper bank.
  57. Host a support group.
  58. Financial gift. 
  59. Let the foster parents choose what information to give you without pushing for more.
  60. Organize an Angel tree for Christmas.
  61. Invite kids to VBS.
  62. Pick kids up for church.
  63. Ask a local store to donate carseats.
  64. Hold a toy drive.
  65. Spend the night caring for an infant while parents get sleep.
  66. Take the family to the pool.  
  67. Send books. 
  68. Plan a zoo outing. 
  69. Shovel snow from their driveway.
  70. Buy birthday gifts. 
  71. Bake extra dessert to send to foster family’s home.
  72. Gift formula.
  73. Host a network marketing party with proceeds going to a foster care organization.
  74. Come help for an hour at bedtime.
  75. Donate a proceed from your company to a foster care organization.
  76. Include whole family (biological children and foster children) during birthday party invites.
  77. Remember to ask about allergies or eating preferences before inviting the family over.
  78. Donate new bedding.
  79. Bring a supply of freezer meals for when new placements come.
  80. Host a family baby shower for a new foster family as they start the licensing process.
  81. Speak kindly about all individuals involved  in the process at all times.
  82. Call and remind the foster parents they are doing a good work.
  83. Get background checked through the state so you can help without restrictions.
  84. Order supplies off Amazon and have them sent straight to the foster family.
  85. Drop off take out food. “Hey, I’m running by Culver’s, what can I bring your family?”
  86. Bring coffee over and sit and chat during nap time.
  87. Offer free haircuts.
  88. Make baby blankets/hats for babies coming into care. 
  89. Walk their dog.
  90. Donate a mini van.
  91. Celebrate the Foster Parents anniversary.
  92. Host a Christmas party with a foster care organization.
  93. Call a local foster care agency and ask if you can bring the staff coffee. (Happy case workers make for happy foster parents)
  94. Be a listening ear.
  95. Supply a family with new duffle bags and suitcases for when a child is transitioning out of their home.
  96. Offer a scholarship to a college foster teen.
  97. Ask to be a child’s mentor. 
  98. Speak to your church about supporting an organization during Orphan Sunday. 
  99. Help plan a birthday party for a foster or biological child.
  100. Allow Foster Families the opportunity to feel seen and known.

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Booklet Interior-2



thank you to Mallory Nyman Photography for the graphic design work!

3 thoughts on “100 ways to Bless Foster Families

  1. This is such a great list! I particularly love 59 and 81. May I suggest one more item? If loaning items to a foster family that you want back, label it well. We were too busy to label items coming in to the home once our foster son got here.


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