The magical gift of Motherhood.

I never know on any given day which child is going to need all of me. But I do know that every day, every ounce of me is given away.

And every night I sleep interrupted.

And every day we do it again.

Isn’t it incredible? I find it completely fascinating how we are able to do it day after day.

Yes, I drink more coffee than the average human. Yes, I often fall asleep while rocking a little one at nap-time. Yes, some days I am counting the minutes until daddy gets home.

But I also work a job I love, pull off pretty cool birthday parties, know all three children’s routines for every hour of the day, speak fluent toddler, fold approx 20 loads of laundry a week, stick to a grocery budget, anticipate meltdowns before they happen, and can sing any children’s song in the correct voice on command.

Moms are cool, guys! Our bodies and brains are designed to not just keep tiny humans alive, but to help them develop and grow into fabulous big humans. The reality of this mission can often feel like a chore, I know, so I am reframing how I view this job called motherhood.

I get to do this super special mission of loving the lives the Lord has entrusted to me. I get to be the one answering the “mommy mommy!” cries in the middle of the night. I get to teach manners and respect and how to properly brush your teeth. I get to hold hands during blood draws. I get to teach them about Jesus through the way I live my life.

I wish I could take you all to (probably a much needed) coffee and remind you of these truths, but since we most likely all have our coffees waiting for us in the cold microwave let me share it here…

Giving all of yourself, day in and day out, is a super special and magical gift.

I needed the reminder after a hard month of mothering, maybe you did too.

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