Beauty is as beauty does…


Growing up with two younger sisters we were often seen in public in matching pink frilly dresses and sweet ringlet curls or up-dos that included an entire bottle of hairspray. I remember getting many compliments: “they are so cute!”, “how adorable”, “what beautiful daughters!” every time we went out. And it is true. We were three little cuties. But something about that word beautiful always set my mom off. I do not have one memory of a compliment that did not include the same comeback. I heard it so many times that now, as an adult, every time I hear the word beautiful I have a automatic response.

“Beauty is as beauty does”

Every. Single. Time. It was actually quite annoying. Because I just wanted to bathe in the compliment and dwell on the fact that the hour in the bathroom getting my hair done was worth it because people noticed. However, my mom was much wiser than I. She knew that no matter how much money we spent on our outfits or how much hairspray and glitter we had holding our hair together, none of that mattered if our actions were ugly. And she made sure to tell the complimenter. Because if we were throwing a fit, yet we looked beautiful on the outside, it didn’t matter.

“Beauty is as beauty does”

One can only be beautiful if their actions reflect beauty. This was what was ingrained in me as I grew up. As a female growing up at the ¬†beginning of the airbrush, photoshop, auto-tune era, I am grateful for this mantra. Even as a child I could easily spot famous people who may be viewed as beautiful but had attitudes and actions that were so ugly that it didn’t matter what was on the outside.

“Beauty is as beauty does”

This is what For the Sake of Beautiful is all about. Finding the beauty in the heart and soul of people. Seeing things for what they are and not for what they appear. Taking things that matter and pulling from the inside beauty. Because I think we are all painfully aware that to be beautiful one needs more than a pretty face and a lot of photoshop.


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